About the trip "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" - J.R.R. Tolkien

It seems a long time; to be away for a year. However when you start thinking what you would like to see, a year suddenly is quite a short time span.

The plan for the trip is quite simple. You take a filled backpack, a bucket list, the best travel companion you can image and good memories of my home town. In contrast to my regular life, I’m not going to affirm too much. Normally I’m quite a control freak. But this time I’m trying to loosen that a bit.

Although I’d not like to fix everything in advance, I still have a plan on the  places I would like to visit during my trip. Roughly our plan looks like this:

  • March 22th 2017: Lift off! Departure from Amsterdam, first stop Delhi, India
  • Begining april 2017 From India to Kathmandu, Nepal
  • In Nepal Roos and I will volunteer at the Muscular Dystrophy Child Care Society Nepal for a couple of weeks
  • After that wandering a while through Nepal, preferably the Himalaya
  • About June 2017 further to Hong Kong, Macua and inwards China
  • End of June/beginning July 2017 a hop to Indonesia, island-hop-hop-hop
  • Roughly Augustus 2017: the big crossing to Colombia (time to learn Spanish?)
  • From Colombia further south: Peru, Bolivia, Chili
  • Icing on the cake in South America: into the wild, to Patagonia
  • About December 2017 back to the Eastern Hemesphere Down Under Australia
  • Pretty much January 2017: “small” crossing to New Zealand; South- and North Island
  • End of February: going home heavy hearted and a backpack full of memories

That the plan for this moment. And that could be overturned. If it pleases us, we stay for a little longer, if not we move on.

Bonus: do you know fun places, people, places to stay the night on our route? Contact me!

“The best thing about travelling are serendipitous encounters”